Updating to a new version

Updating is fairly simple, but there are a few precautions you may want to take to protect your save file.

	1. Back up your 3DS save data before installing the new .cia
	 - Installing it over the old version will wipe the save data clean.
	 - Updating from V1.0 to anything past V1.1 will change the TitleID
	   * This means save data will need to be restored manually.
	 - JKSM is recommended, but others will probably work fine too.
	2. Don't delete your old .gbc/.cia before updating
	 - You may need it to fix your save file!
	 - Many things can change or be relocated in an update; this can 
	   make warps/doors unusable and you can get permananetly locked in a glitch room
	3. The safest location to save at is the first floor of the Olivine Center
	 - This is the first map in the list
	 - The mapscript will likely never change
	 - Lots of notation has been added around it in code to keep it from changing
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