Table of Contents:
	1. Opening Sequence
	2. Open world
	3. Scaling Gyms and trainers
	4. New Features and Quality-of-life changes
	5. New options
	6. General improvements
	7. Elite Four
	8. Map changes and additions
	9. Obtainability and Compatibility
	10. Music
	11. Shiny hunting
	12. Renewable resources and E4 Resetting
	13. Marts and Decorations
	14. Misc stuff

Documentation pages:

	Feature list (this page)
	Frequently Asked Questions
	Modified Sprite Palettes
	HM availability
	Wild data changes
	Legendaries and Stationaries
	Event Moves
	Special Thanks and Credits
	Bug Squashers

	I tried to write down as much as I could to encompass the new features within this hack. 
	There's a lot of minor stuff that was done that isn't going to be mentioned here.
	I would recommend skimming through at least once, as well as the HMs and the Wild data pages..

1. Opening Sequence:

	- New intro sequence, animation, and music

	New Game:
	- Can start in Johto or Kanto
	- Can select 1 of 28 starters (See: Starters for full list + movesets)
		* This now includes some "HARD" starters for things like the "Smeargle challenges"
	Character customization:
	- Can select from 4 male/female player characters
	- Can select from 6 player color options
	- Can select from 8 custom pack and gear menu colors

	Start with:
	- Fully unlocked Gear and Dex
	- 1x Potion and 5x balls
	- Two useful phone numbers (Bill, League)
	- Link functions enabled
2. Open world:

	- Forced story elements/barriers have been removed
	- Certain areas have been reworked to be more navigable earlier
	  * See: Map changes and additions
	- Many cut trees have been removed
	- Strength boulders are only in the Seafoam Islands and Slowpoke Well, which are optional
	 * This means places like Ice Path can be navigated without Strength
	- A fast ferry service has been added for quick travelling
	 * Can travel between Olivine, Cianwood, Cerulean, and New Cinnabar + Fuchsia
	 * Can be ridden for free after 2 badges
	- Fishing Gurus now give you the different fishing rods in sequence
	  * If you have the Old Rod, the next Guru you meet will give you the Good Rod, etc.
	- Lots of misc tweaks to help the experience be more open

3. Scaling Gyms, Trainers, and Gym Rechallenges:

Scaling Gyms:

 - All 16 Gyms can be faced in any order and have scaled teams based on amount of earned badges
  * This goes from around ~Lv. 7 to ~Lv. 75, making the latter 8 Gyms more challenging than the original games
  * Gym Leaders have fully custom movesets
  * There are no sidequests to enable Gyms or leaders (Amphy is ok, Blue is not travelling, etc.)

 - Trainers outside of Gyms scale up to ~Lv45
  * This is to keep world navigation at a minimum hassle
 - Certain event-based trainers do not directly scale (Eusine, Sprout Tower, Elite Four, etc.)
 - Some new special trainers reset once per day, or after beating the E4.
Gym Rechallenges:

 - Unlocked at Gyms that you've defeated once
 - Rechallenge a Gym by talking to the statues at the door
 - All Gym Leaders and trainers are rebattleable
 - Levels are unlocked and coorespond to badge count
4. New Features and Quality-of-life changes:

New Features:

 - Running shoes added, can be turned on permanently in options menu
 - A ticket for the Fast Ship can be purchased at any time
 - The Player Profile screen now shows Kanto Gym leaders as well

 - Fourth stats screen:
  * Shows happiness
  * Shows place/level/time caught
  * Shows DVs
  * Shows personality/characteristic blurb text
 - Unlockable wild battle DV display (visit Mt. Mortar Lab on Wednesday)
 - "Mom saves your money" has been reworked into Bank Account
  * Accessible from any PC
  * Can set up auto-depositing money after battle

 - Haircut happiness has been increased
 - Johto and Kanto Game Corners have different prizes
 - Total amount of prizes have been increased

 - Gym Leaders and certain trainers have "Final" text
 - The new Event Tutor will try to teach any moves given out exclusively at events
  * This has also reflected on learnable TMs, any event moves that are also TMs can now be taught directly.

 - A Move Reminder NPC has been added in the Move Deleter's house in Blackthorn City
 - The Move Tutor now takes cash and is available from the start in front of both Game Corners
Quality-of-life changes:

 - Nurse Joy now turns you around at the end of her script 
   * No more accidental second heals
 - The clock reset function is available on the continue menu and does not require a password
 - The Magnet train is free
 - Removed Name Rater restrictions
 - Overworld poison fades away at 1HP
 - Daycare man appears outside of the fence
  * Goldenrod NPCs have also been moved out of the main street
 - Odd Egg is now a perfect shiny or has decent DVs, instead of the original flat 0's
	* Probability has been reworked so Magby and Elekid are more likely than Cleffa and IgglyBuff
 - Traded obedience was rescaled to be 10x the current badge count
  * 2 badges is up to Lv 20, 3 badges is up to Lv 30 etc.
  * With the exception of 1 badge, which is up to Lv 15.
 - Pressing SELECT on the Gear Phone screen clears out the non-default numbers
 - Bill will call you when your Box is full, and switch it for you if you have room.
5. New options:

	Quick Continue:
	 - Four different bootup options:
	  * Normal: Full intro sequence
	  * Title: Title screen
	  * Menu: Main menu screen
	  * Quick: Load directly into the overworld
	 - Available in the options menu
	 - Can also be used by holding a button combo when booting
	  * Normal: Select + A
	  * Title: Select + B
	  * Menu: Select
	  * Quick: Start
	Quick Encounter:
	 - Fancy: normal encounter animation
	 - Fast:
		* A simple fade and no sliding animation
		* Skips the "Got away safely" text
		* Skips the "Wild  appeared!" text
	Quick Nurse: 
	 - Skips dialogue
	Always run:
	 - Inverts B button running
	  * When this is on, hold B to walk instead of run.
	Gear Color:
	 - Change the Gear/Map color to one of the eight options
	Pack Color:
	 - Change the Item Pack color to one of the eight options
	Last flown:
	 - Home: Default fly icon on New Bark/Pallet
	 - Save: Remembers last flown cities for both regions
	See also: Music Menu
6. General improvements:


 - Added new 251 overworld/menu mini sprites
 - Many shiny palettes have been updated to the modern colors
 - Some normal sprite colors have been tweaked as well
 - See: Modified Sprite Palettes
 - New gray and purple overworld sprite colors
 - Overworld sprites now have morning/night palettes
Gen 2 glitch fixes:

 - Kurt's specialty balls now work properly
 - Transform Ditto assumption glitch has been fixed
 - PAR/BRN/PSN now properly affect catch rate
 - Magikarp size related bugs are correct
 - HP bar animation bug fixed
 - Slot machine sound bug fixed
 - 0.4% massage happiness bug fixed
 - Evolution stone bug fixed
 - Experience text bug fixed
 - Enemy trainer not healing nightmare fixed
 - Experience underflow glitch fixed
 - Ellipsis is fixedâ‹Ż
Stadium 2:

 - No longer requires saving at a center
 - No longer require 150+ caught for full transfer capabilities
7. Elite Four:

 - Requires any 8 badges to face

 - A new, more difficult set of trainers

 - The original set can still be challenged at any time using the BATTLE SIM
	* Located in the Indigo Plateau building (which does not require 8 badges to get to)
 - Rooms have been redesigned with new themes and new animations

 - Upon defeating the E4 once, the teams become much stronger

 - Fourth member and Champion are swapped based on starting region
	* Mt. Silver Champion also changes based on region choice
8. Map changes and additions:

	 - New Cinnabar Island
	 - Blaine's Gym
	 - Cinnabar Tunnel
	 - Moltres Chamber
	 - Mt. Mortar B2F
	 - Mt. Mortar Lab
	 - Route 40 Olivine Fast Ferry Service
	 - Cianwood City Fast Ferry Service
	 - New Cinnabar Island Fast Ferry Terminal
	 - Route 19 Fuchsia City Fast Ferry Service
	 - Route 25 Cerulean City Fast Ferry Service
	 - Viridian Forest
	 - Cinnabar Mansion
	 - Seafoam Islands
	 - Power Plant
	 - Pewter Museum
	 - Cinnabar Fossil Lab
	 - Cerulean Cave
	 - The Safari Zone
	  * Also has a new area

	Major changes:
	 - Clair's Gym
	 - Route 27
	 - Ruins of Alph
	 - Cianwood City
	 - Route 40
	 - Route 41 (Whirl Islands)
	 - Route 42	
	 - Dark Cave (now usable as a shortcut to Blackthorn City)
	Minor changes:
	 - Pallet Town
	 - New Bark Town
	 - Route 24
	 - Route 25
	 - Route 46	
	 - Burned Tower uses the time of day palette
	Many maps in Kanto have also been restored to Gen 1 sizes.
9. Obtainability and Compatibility:


 - See Wild Data page
 - See Legendaries and Stationaries page
 - See HMs page

 - The "Area" function of the Dex has been improved to be more useful:
  * Shows headbutt trees
  * Shows fishing spots
  * Shows some event locations
  * Can check Johto/Kanto from start
 - You can "Unlock Seen Data" on the Dex option screen
 - A Tradeback NPC has been added to help with trade based evolutions
   * Can be found on the first floor of Goldenrod/Celadon Department Stores

 - Fishing has been tweaked to have a larger variety across rods/multiple areas.
   * This means the Old Rod isn't just the Magikarp Rod anymore.
 - Map and HM reworks allow for many areas to be accessed early


 - No new moves
 - No additions beyond 251 from later gens
 - No physical/special split
 - No compatibility-breaking bugfixes (see: Belly drum, Dragon Fang, etc.)
 - Non-canon wild data exists, however no new landmarks are used to preserve Stadium 2/Seer compatibility.
   * For example, you can fish on New Cinnabar, but the caught data will just say Cinnabar.

 - Confirmed working with Stadium 2, GSC, and RBY via Time Capsule

 - 3DS VC wireless functions
   * Can work between CC to CC, and CC to RBY
   * CC to GSC is currently incompatible for unknown reasons

 - Works with Bank via 3DS
   * Event Moves, while acceptable/canon/meta in Gen 2, will disallow transfer
   * Not every species/move combination has been tested, so experimentation is encouraged
   * Transferring Mew requires use of the Legality Fixer NPC located in the Move Deleter's house
   * This will change the OT and ID to the event Mew.
   * Celebi is transferrable

 - Mystery gift is untested (but the Bazaar removes the utility of this function.)
10. Music:

 - Music is now customizable from the new Music menu on the start screen
  * Surf music option has a "Regional" variant that plays a matching track per region
 - Many new tracks have been added, including a complete set of Gen 4 arrangements by FroggestSpirit
 - Music can be disabled (mostly for streamers)
 - Low HP beeping can be disabled
 - Certain trainers and legendary encounters will have designated themes
 - Pressing Select on the music screen will set the highlighted track to RANDOMIZE
11. Shiny hunting:

 - The 1/8192 chance has been preserved, but some quality of life features have been added
 - Shinies now have in-battle shiny icons
 - Shinies now display an icon on the nickname screen (for quickly checking shiniess from events)
 - Party screen icon palettes will all have a different palette for shinies
  * This is also reflected on the nickname screen
 - Egg sprite on the party screen will show shininess (blue instead of the default red)
 - Sweet scent takes repel into consideration
 - Quick Continue allows you to minimize time between resets for shinies
 - Quick Encounter speeds up the startup battle animation times
 - Roamers now have a different palette and play the sparkle sound when being released
  * If Suicune is released like this, the stationary encounter will be with a shiny one w/15 Attack DV.
  * If not, it can be reset for at the Tin Tower event
  * Shiny palettes are preserved for all overworld story events for all three beasts
  * If a shiny roamer is fainted, when re-released, it will stay shiny (see: renewable resources)

12. Renewable resources and E4 Resetting:

Renewable resources:

 - Master balls can be obtained as a Game Corner prize
  * Can also be bought in the Mahogany Bazaar on Friday nights
 - TM Mart always stocks all 50 TMs once you have 8 badges.
 - See the Marts section for information on additional items
 - Event move tutor can teach moves only given out at special events
  * Found on the first floor of the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City
E4 resets:

 - Individual roamers, if they've been released and if they were fainted
  * Plays cry and a single shiny sparkle sound if applicable(keeps DVs if shiny)
  * Also checks if they still exist on the save file
 - Ho-oh/Lugia/Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres/Mewtwo can be refought after each completion
 - Celebi, if it hasn't been already been caught
 - Dome Fossil/Helix Fossil/Old Amber overworld events.
  * Only if you don't currently have that fossil already
 - Dragon Shrine Dratini
 - Ilex/Viridian Sudowoodo
 - Cerulean/Goldenrod Eevee
 - All the Voltorbs and Electrodes in the Power Plant
 - Certain rebattleable trainers, notably the Mt. Silver Champion
13. Marts and Decorations:


 - Now scale with badges

	Specialty marts:
	 - Kurt's house (specialty balls)
	 - Pewter/Azalea (held items)
	 - New Cinnabar (mail)
	 - Celadon/Goldenrod (evolution items)
	Scaling TM mart:
	 - Unlock all 50 TMs by collecting up to 8 badges
	 - Mart now displays the name of the selected TM onscreen


 - Can now be bought directly in the Mahogany Bazaar

 - Consoles are now more than cosmetic, each plays a related theme

 - Customizable room is in whichever region the player starts in

 - Replaced the Virtual Boy with a Wii	 

14. Misc stuff

BitBuilt stuff/Easter Eggs:

 - A lab has been set up in the new Mt. Mortar B2F
  * There's lots of easter eggs in the lab, some of which are well hidden.
 - Bentomo can be battled in Mt. Mortar Lab

 - Noak can be found in Mt. Mortar Lab, and at the Route 40 Fast Ferry Service after earning 2 badges
  * After this, he can be found on Route 19 on M/W/F
 - Cheese can be found in Lavender Radio Tower, or in Mt. Mortar Lab on Wednesdays

 - ShockSlayer is in Mt. Mortar B2F
   * Can be encountered in Sprout Tower 2F on Tuesdays
   * In the Lab with Cheese on Wednesdays

 - Chaos can be found at the top of the Goldenrod Radio Tower
   * On the weekends he visits New Cinnabar Island.
 - MDee and Colgate can be battled in Mt. Mortar B2F

 - Thursty is in Goldenrod City Dept. Store

 - Shank(Saturday nights) and Nobble are in the Mahogany Bazaar

 - Aurelio is in Celadon Cafe

 - Doom can be battled in National Park, except for Saturday where he's...somewhere

 - honeybun can be found down in Slowpoke Well

 - Frank is on guard in the Underground

 - IVAN is in charge of reviving fossils in New Cinnabar Lab.

 - Try messing with the game's code in Celadon Mansion

 - Try messing with the guard's computer in New Cinnabar Lab.

 - Try talking to the Old Amber 5 times before speaking with the scientist about it.
 - There's a truck in a place. You know what to do.
 - Rebattle Youngster Joey with 16 badges.
 - And more!
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