Frequently Asked Questions:

Read the feature list first!

 - How are trade evolutions handled?
  * On the ground floor of each Department Store (Celadon/Goldenrod) is the Tradeback Guy.
  * Requirements are unchanged from the original game.
 - Are there any new species or moves?
  * No. Species and moves are unchanged from Gen 2.
 - What about the Physical/Special split?
  * Also no. Anything that would break compatibility with other Gen 2 games is intentionally not added.

 - Where can I get/catch X?
  * See Wild Data page
  * See Legendaries and Stationaries page
  * See HMs page

 - I can FLY anywhere! Is this a bug?
  * This is by design. Only a few places are not available by default.
 - I went to X area and the levels are too high/low!
  * Wild data does not scale. This is intentional.

 - Move Reminder?
  * Johto - In the Move Deleter's house in Blackthorn City
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