Special thanks:

 - Rangi
  * Infinite help and good examples, this romhack wouldn't be half as good without your help
 - Froggestspirit
  * Anything and everything that sounds good is likely due in part to your music tools
 - honeybun
  * Lots of playtesting and consistent feedback
 - fibbef
  * Maximum playtesting and bug finding, also the first to complete the dex
 - The BitBuilt Team
  * You all know what you did. 
GFX/Music/Misc credits:

(Please note that this section is incomplete; if your work was used and not credited, 
please message me in the Discord so I can add you here.)


 - Froggestspirit
  * All Gen 4 demixes, some Gen 3 demixes and other misc tracks
 - Mmmmmm
  * Cipher Peon theme, others
 - Pum
  * Many misc tracks
 - huderlem
  * Kalos tracks


 - BurstXShadowzX / jShark111
  * GREEN sprites
 - honeybun
  * NESS sprites
 - Rangi
  * Opening intro font
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