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	 - Fixed VBA/3DS battle start screen flicker
	 - Fixed Route 12 Gate Psyduck guy using the wrong text
	 - Fixed missing waitsfx in Route 24 house
	 - Fixed Prof.Noak's wording when meeting him in the Route 40 Ferry Station
	 - Fixed Picnicker Liz having a Nidoking on set 3
	 - Fixed Eusine not disappearing after the hole opens
	 - Fixed Elm knowing who you are from the Pokerus call.
	 - Fixed Frank's second battle being spammable
	 - Fixed Fast Ship warping the player into the water on Vermilion Port
	 - Fixed NPCs overlapping on Fast Ship
	 - Fixed Olivine Port not setting event correctly if it's your first tiem coming from Vermilion
	 - Moved Fishers around on Route 12
		* Fixes one of them walking on water
	 - Moved Psychics around on Route 36 
		* Fixes one of them popping in on map load
	 - Maybe fixed a rare instance where "Disable music" wouldn't be applied


New additions:
	Starter Updates:
	 - See: Starters
	 - Added Smeargle, Ditto, Unown, and Magikarp as "Hard" starters
		* Can choose Unown letter by pressing Up/Down on starter select screen
		* Only "I" and "V" forms can be shiny, and if reset for, will have maximum possible DVs
	 - Every starter now has a custom moveset
	 - Egg moves have been added
	 - Babies now have better moves than other starters
	 - 4 starters come with field moves
		* Chikorita - Cut
		* Seel - Surf/Headbutt
		* Ponyta - Strength
		* Voltorb - Flash/Headbutt
	 - You can now hold the Dpad to scroll through the starters
	 - Nickname screen now plays shiny sound if shiny
	Phone Updates:
	 - Added "Clear Contacts" function to phone (Press Select on the Gear screen)
		* Bill and League numbers can no longer be deleted
	 - Added new League phone number
		* Calls once after each badge to let you know what you've unlocked
		* Can be called to restate what you're told
		* Will offer a random romhack-related TRAINER TIP after each message
	 - Bill can now switch boxes for you when you're full
	Event Moves updates:
	Gen 1:
	 - Pikachu can now be taught Surf and Fly via HM
	 - Magikarp can learn Dragon Rage
	 - Ponyta can learn Pay Day
	 - Spearow can learn Pay Day
	Gen 2:
	 - Gligar can learn Earthquake via tutor or via TM
	 - Farfetch'd can learn Baton Pass

	Event tutor can now overwrite HM moves.
	Added Move Reminder:
	 - In Move Deleter's house in Blackthorn
	 - Nice custom frame like the Music screen
	 - Currently free of charge
	Misc updates:
	 - Pressing Select on the music screen will set the highlighted track to RANDOMIZE
	 - Quick Encounter now skips "Wild X appeared!" text and the trainer HUD display, now smoother overall.
	 - Added Light Ball, Lucky Punch, Metal Powder, and Bright Powder to Pewter and Azalea held item marts
	 - Lugia's chamber now has custom music
	 - Added "Unlock Seen Data" to Dex option screen
	 - Default Dex mode is preconfigured to Old/National on New Game
	Fast Ferry:
	 - Added ferry buildings to Route 19 and Route 25
	 - New Cinnabar Center now doubles as a large terminal building
		* This is directly connected to the Route 19 building, for easy access by walking	  
	 - Ferry houses now use battle tower lobby theme
	 - Ferry animation has been tweaked
	Expanded the Indigo Plateau to make room for the BATTLE SIM
	 - Rebattle the old Champion or Elite Four at will
	 - Complete with custom "Battle Sim" track and text
	Expanded Route 24 and 25
	  - New Cave:
		* Houses a stationary Lapras and a handful of items
	  - New House:
		* Unlockable shiny Ditto egg (for breeders)
		* Requires beating Misty or 2 Badges
	- Added a snack bar to New Cinnabar Center
		* Can buy vending machine drinks, plus things like Berry Juice

Map changes:
	 - Route 9 is now easier to navigate
	 - Dark Cave is now a viable alternative shortcut to blackthorn (provided you have flash)
		* No longer requires Surf or Rock Smash to pass through
	 - Can now surf to New Cinnabar directly from Pallet
	 - Can now surf to Seafoam Islands directly from New Cinnabar
	 - Slight rework of Johto ferry buildings
	 - Left side of Blackthorn now serves as an exit to Route 44
	 - Route 22 slightly expanded and tweaked
	 - Route 4 can now be travelled in reverse
	 - Restored a few tiles in Cerulean City
	 - There's a truck in a place.
Wild data changes:
	Dark Cave:
	 - Added Gastly at night
	 - Wobbuffet any time of day on the second level
	 - Teddiursa during Morn and Day
	Burned Tower:
	 - Charmander can be now be found on both floors (not just B1F)
	 - Misdreavus now shows up more often at night
	Tohjo falls:
	 - Levels have been reduced by 10
	 - Added Chinchou to surfing
	 - Added Machop, Gastly, Dunsparce, and Wobbuffet to ground floor
	Route 2:
	 - Added Sunkern
	 - Fixed Butterfree not being level 10
	 - Pikachu can be found at all times of day
	Route 22:
	 - Added Slugma and Gligar
	Route 24:
	 - Added Natu and Miltank (both Morn/Day)
	 - Added Mareep (All times)
	 - Added HootHoot (Nite only)
	Gifts now have 8 total rolls for shiny chance (1/1024 chance)
	 - This affects:
		 - Starters
		 - Game Corner prizes
		 - Eevee
		 - Dratini
		 - Tyrogue
		 - Fossils
		 - Kenya

Trainer changes:
	 - Doom (National Park) now has his shiny Ponyta
	 - Fibbef now has his shiny Togepi
	 - Youngster Joey's 15th and 16th sets have been buffed
	 - Fixed a game-breaking bug where Joey's Rattata wasn't in the top percentage.

Balance changes:
	 - Nerfed Free Eevee down to Level 10
	 - Can now either beat Clair or have 2 badges to get into the Dragon's Den
	 - "RageCandyBar" is cheaper 
	 - MooMooMilk is slightly more expensive (half of a Hyper Potion for half the price)
	 - Move Tutor is always outside the Game Corner in Goldenrod and takes cash instead of coins
		* Also available in Kanto as a Blue Fisher in Celadon (also below Game Corner)
	 - Swapped Odd Egg probabilities:
		* Cleffa and IgglyBuff are now less likely
		* Magby and Elekid are now more likely
	 - Stationary Lapras now appear on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
		* Also scales up to level 50 similar to Snorlax

Text changes:
	 - Fixed "Player's House" signs
	 - Fixed Shuckle guy's blank line of text
	 - Updated Celadon trainer tips
	 - Updated references to Game Corner prizes
	 - Updated reference to "Year 10"
	 - Reworked text of a few trainers with specific party member references
	 - Reworked some badge/training related text
	 - Removed reference to Chuck's boulders
	 - Removed Dex story reference in Oak's lab
	 - Removed Chad talking about how you've met Prof.Oak
	 - Coin Case guy now has text based on what region you get it from
		* Aurelio now exclusively uses these in battle (this is actually a nerf)
Bug Fixes:
	 - Fixed fibbef trainer data not terminating after 16 sets
	 - Fixed Fast Ferry missing a delay after "Anchors away!"
	 - Fixed Route 40 Fast Ferry "CANCEL" taking the player to some unused maps
	 - Fixed missing Power Plant wild data
	 - Fixed title screen transition music skipping
	 - Fixed imposter pigy
	 - Fixed Old Amber "not the time" message showing up twice
	 - Fixed incorrect Sudowoodo party palettes.
	 - Fixed Sacred Ash price being too high and glitching the cost number
	 - Fixed event tutor teaching doubleslap instead of doubleedge (and vice versa)
	 - Fixed missing mart sign on New Cinnabar
	 - Fixed Route 24/25 connection tile error
	 - Fixed in-battle shiny icons not taking transform into account
	 - Fixed Shank, Retired Rocket, Aurelio, and Wise Trio Sage not having "No Room for item" handling
	 - Fixed Quick Encounter not skipping "Fled using a Smoke Ball" text
	 - Fixed Oak requiring 9 badges instead of 8
	 - Fixed a trainer walking onto a ledge on Route 9
	 - Fixed Fast Ferry boats "glowing"
	 - Fixed a bug where the Vermilion Port ticket seller was using the Olivine script
	 - Fixed the Onix in Fuchsia glitching out if the player had an active Lapras or Snorlax doll
	 - Fixed Quick Encounter not correctly taking BATTLETYPE_EUSINE into effect. 

	Mmmmmm - new Lugia and Battle Sim songs
	Sergi - lots of text fixes and Coin Case guy idea
	PC and TPP teams - for Move Relearner/Bill box switch phonecall code
	Many other people that have been added to the Bugs page

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3DS updates:
	The wifi patch should now work 100% correctly
	 - Many bugfixes and optimizations since V1.0 were targeted at this
	 - Gen 2 VC is still not supported, but Gen 1 via Time Capsule is.
	 - Mystery Gift is also still not supported
	Transporter will now recognize Crystal Clear
	 - Will show as Italian Crystal
	   * This is to prevent TitleID conflicts with original US Crystal
	 - Trasports will also be marked with "ITA"
	 - Despite being canon/meta in Gen 2, Event Moves will not be transferrable
	   * Not every species/move combination has been tested, so experimentation is encouraged
	Added a "Legality Fixer" NPC for Transporter
	 - Currently only works for Mew
	  * This will change the OT and ID to the event Mew
	 - Located in Move Deleter's house
	Background when holding start on boot has been replaced with a new version

BitBuilt trainer updates:
	Added Prof.Noak to Route 19
	 - Available only on certain days after Fast Ferry event
	Added Cheese to Lavender Radio Tower
	 - Leaves on Wednesdays for Mortar Lab event
	Added Chaos to Goldenrod Radio Tower
	 - Spends the weekends on New Cinnabar Island
	Added Doom to National Park
	 - Is lots of fun to talk to so just do it okay ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
	Added fibbef to Route 7 (east of Celadon)
	 - The first, non-hidden use of the PORTABLIZER trainer class
	Many improvements to existing BB trainer scripts:
	 - Now can be battled only once per day
	 - Will greet you properly based on time of day
	 - Remember your name, and some offer a one-time prize for battling
	 - Will explain some lore to you, but only once
	 - Will heal you after battle
	Trainer data has also been changed to fix continuity errors after the E4 is unlocked.
	 - This does not apply to SS yet.
	Each set of the E4 teams have been buffed by about 10 levels
	 - The first set is now more akin to the original second set.	
Music updates:
	 - Added Hoenn Wild Battle and Hoenn Trainer Battle themes
	   * These replace the C/XD theme and the old RSE wild battle track
	 - The Bazaar has it's own music theme (Gen 4 mart theme)
	 - Fixed tempo of Go Gym Battle theme
	 - Fixed Oak's Talk music changing to the wrong song
	 - Fixed incorrect music in Viridian Forest and surrounding gates
Misc updates:
	 - Added FroggestSpirit's Voltorb flip to both Game Coners
	   * FroggestSpirit himself is in Goldenrod and will explain the controls.
	 - Added scaling data to Trainer house battle
	 - New overworld sprite and trainer palette for honeybun
	 - Fixed Prof.Noak's labcoat missing its collar.
	Lots of internal reworking for ease of expansion:
	 - Organized and notated assets so the 3DS wifi patch wouldn't break with every update
	 - Overworld sprite handing is now more organized
	 - Fixed missing maptrigger in Goldenrod Gym
	 - Fixed Blaine's script and Gym Rechallenge not clearing/resetting trainers
	 - Fixed Dex not updating properly
	 - Fixed Game Corner prizes not showing Dex screen
	 - Fixed incorrect Rock Tunnel warps
	 - Fixed incorrect Goldenrod Underground/Dept.Store warps
	 - Fixed Chaos battle not using player loss text
	 - Fixed Route 19/20 map connection issue
	 - Fixed many Kanto overworld sprite glitches
	 - Fixed Ruins of Alph wall text crashing the game
	 - Fixed ITEMNAME used ITEMNAME happening in BB trainer battles
	 - Fixed missing setevents for a handful of BB trainer scripts and events.
	 - Fixed being able to run from stationary Power Plant Voltorbs/Electrodes
	 - Fixed Bazaar Master Ball price being too high compared to Game Corner prize
	 - Fixed missing transaction sound and money display in Pewter Museum ticket seller script
	 - Fixed amount of steps to next fossil not being properly handled
	 - Fixed missing link mode checks in battle engine
	 - Fixed missing link battle result display
	 - Fixed Roamer code overflowing and screwing up link battle stats
	 - Fixed forfeitting in link battles causing a desync
	 - Fixed Destiny bond breaking battles and causing a crash
	 - Fixed roaming Mew jumping to Johto Route 34, and improved jumping in general.
	 - Fixed Event Tutor teaching eggs moves.
	 - Fixed Mortar Lab missing a map trigger and related Mortar B2F sprite visibility issues
	 - Fixed Blaine's Gym trainers later sets being too weak in levels
	 - Fixed phone calls from registered trainers talking about the wrong species
	   * This has been updated to use species from the current set.
	Ported over a handful of standard bugfixes:
	(Most of these will be unnoticable and documented better elsewhere)
	 - Exp string bug
	 - Park Ball bug
	 - Port tileset fix
	 - Massage happiness fix
	 - Magikarp length fixes
	 - Wild validation
	 - Slot machine bugfix
	 - US/JP player name length bugfix
	 - Tile facing bugfix
	 - Stone compatibility bugfix
	 - Overworld sprite bugfix
	 - NPC movement bugfix
	 - Battle AI Mean Look/Toxic bugfix
	 - Battle AI Nightmare heal bugfix
	 - Experience underflow bugfix
Map fixes:
	 - Fixed incorrect Power Plant/Cinnabar Mansion collision
	 - Fixed incorrect collision for fence next to Route 19 Gate
	 - Fixed incorrect tile on under construction Route 4 center
	 - Fixed incorrect tiles on Route 10 South and Route 12
	 - Fixed Route 42 border tiles being visible
	 - Fixed Route 8/Saffron connection tiles
	 - Fixed Radio tower gate not being open by default
	 - Fixed Elite Four hallway showing other map corner
	 - Fixed HM Cut being required to get HM Cut in Kanto
	   * This also opens up the Digglet's Cave shortcut earlier 
	 - Updated Cianwood/Route 41 tiles
	Moved many NPCs around
	 - Lavender Town
	 - Pallet Town
	 - Route 25
	 - Route 38
	 - Route 44
	 - Whirl Islands
	 - Fixed two National Park NPCs not using Gameboy kid sprites
	 - Fixed IVAN wandering around too much
	 - Fixed New Cinnabar Gym Guy looking up instead of down
	 - Fixed a red Zubat in Cerulean City
	 - Changed Time Capsule "other player" sprite to RED
Text fixes:
	 - Fixed missing sign text in Mortar Lab/Bazaar/Lavender/Celadon/Saffron/Viridian/Route 4/Route 10 North
	 - Fixed outdated Slowpoke reference in Azalea Gym
	 - Fixed Lavender town gramps text error
	 - Fixed Cinnabar Mansion text overflowing
	 - Fixed Kanto FLASH text going outside of the box
	 - Fixed Ceruealn Gym guy text going outside of the box
	 - Fixed beliving in PIGY
	 - Fixed Safari Zone incorrectly named area
	 - Fixed Kurt's son text improper punctuation
	 - Fixed Viridian Forest duplicate signs
	 - Fixed "People and Places" referencing trainers that it shouldn't
	 - Fixed Saffron Gym Guy assuming it's not your first Gym
	 - Removed Gym badge obendience level and stat boost references
	 - Removed reference in Azalea to skinny trees
	 - Removed reference in Route 35 Goldenrod Gate to weird tree
	 - Removed reference to fainting from poison 
	 - Updated Route 13 reference to Pikachu text
	 - Updated Lake of Rage NPC text slightly
	 - Updated Trainer House/Saffron Center/Vermilion port "JOHTO" text
	 - Updated Goldenrod Dept.Store "can't rename nicknamed mon" text
	 - Updated Goldenrod Evolution Solutions NPC text
	 - Updated reference to Cerulean Cave
	 - Added a special badge check for Morty's text
	 - Added text to the sign in the Celadon Game Corner Prize Room
	 - Lots of other minor text fixes

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